Sugar Den-The Physiotherapy Clinic will launch its Telephysio Program for India, by the name of Except Diagnosis, on Facebook, on 25th of April, 2020, Saturday

Telephysio Service for India “Except Diagnosis”


Thank You for acknowledging the work of Sugar Den – The Physiotherapy Clinic.

Wherever you are in India, You are humbly invited to join my Facebook group “Except Diagnosis”, by clicking the link below:

Starting 25th April, Saturday, I will be presentling talks about health problems treatable with Physiotherapy, twice a day, six days a week, on Facebook Live, through this group.

AT 4 PM:
I will talk on topics related to long term joint pains, difficulties in walking, negotiating stairs, and using sticks properly.

AT 10:30 PM:
I will present talks about how to beat negative effects of prolonged physical stress, on one’s health and sleep.

I will also be answering audience’s questions.

The sessions will be conducted in English and in Hindi, on alternate days, as per the following schedule:

In Hindi: Mon, Wed, Fri
In English: Tue, Thu, Sat

Great Regards,
(Ravi Shankar)
Physiotherapist, Since 2004

Founder: Sugar Den – The Physiotherapy Clinic

(Please Note: Abiding by the courtesy rules of the group is mandatory)