Best review by Physiotherapy Client at Sugar Den, The Physiotherapy Clinic at Janakpuri, in West Delhi

Best Physiotherapy Clinic near Janakpuri

The moment I entered the clinic, I thought my Rs.1200 is already down the drain

This was the first thought of a patient, who recently entered Sugar Den’s very very simple looking Physiotherapy Clinic at Janakpuri, in West Delhi.

He was to pay Rs.1200 as Physiotherapy assessment fees, for his long term shoulder pain.

After the 2.5 hours long one-to-one assessment, he was told that the duration of clinical rehabilitation will go upto 3 months.

He signed up for the Physiotherapy program, at a premium price for a very very simple looking clinic.

Now he recommends to needful people around him, to find a good Physiotherapist for themselves, rather than forming an opinion about any Physiotherapist’s analytical expertise, by looking at the design of his or her clinical set-up.

Sugar Den’s existence is true to providing this experience, to each and every patient served across India.

Long term suffering patients are invited to get themselves screened with Sugar Den’s clinic, home and online assessment services.

Physiotherapists are invited to become a franchise of Sugar Den and become leaders in the industry tomorrow.

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