The best exercise for health

Too time tight!

Or, cannot jog, jump, run or do gym for general health and fitness?

Except when not allowed to stand or walk for valid health reasons, walking, roaming or strolling for about twenty minutes is a great activity for the most of such people, at the end of the day.

For a given health condition, if walking is not allowed or possible, but standing is, with or without supports and braces, it must be practised few times a day.

Bearing weight on foot helps to prevent deconditioning of core and lower limb muscles, while also reducing demineralization of bones.

The aforesaid activities go on to boost a person mentally too, by providing a get away from all the routine physical activities, fatigue and stress.

Physiotherapy is an amazing service, to help people requiring physical rehabilitation gain strength, endurance, confidence and efficiencies for all the abovesaid bipedal activities.

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